I have a Hudl 2 (android tablet) and would like to change the way it starts as I don’t want the pre-installed apps and start screen?

Picture of a Tesco Hudl 2


It is possible to change the launcher on android tablets and phones.  Some of the apps can’t be un-installed but they don’t have to be on your home screen.

Visit Google Play Store  you can search for Launchers.  There are many launchers to choose from, so you can have a browse through and see if there are any you like the look of.  You can install more than one, so feel free to try some till you find one that suits your needs.

Once you have installed the new launcher you can tap your home button.  Choose the launcher you want to use from the list provided.  if you choose “just once” you will be given the option the next time you press the home button, or choose “Always” then that will become your default launcher each time.

To choose a different default, go to Settings – Home and pick from the list.

To clear any defaults so you can choose again, go to Settings – Apps find the Launcher you are currently using, tap the entry to open the apps settings and choose to clear defaults.

Once you are happy with the launcher, you can go ahead and customise your device and place or remove apps from the home screens.  Dragging app icons onto others on the home screens creates folders to keep things organised, you can also drag them out of folders too.


Tip: For anyone who is new to using Android, there are some really useful sites with guides and tips here is a link to Android Central Forums and a getting started guide.